Finding, hiring, and Managing Overseas Employees and How Remote Talent Helps

June 13, 2023

There are tremendous benefits to hiring staff around the world. The benefits include access to a larger talent pool, significant cost savings, and increased workplace diversity. However, hiring overseas can throw up logistical and legal challenges. Remote Talent provides an all-in-one solution to these roadblocks to enable businesses to obtain the benefits of hiring overseas while benefiting from a more straightforward process than hiring at home.

Step 1: Finding prospective employees

The first step when hiring a new employee is finding a group of employees who are interested in working for you that meet your job requirements. This process is similar whether you hire at home or overseas, as it usually involves posting on job boards and receiving a batch of applications/CVs to sift through.

Remote Talent has a marketplace of pre-vetted candidates ready to be interviewed and start immediately. Each candidate has a profile where you can read about their background, watch a pre-recorded interview, and view their results from a job-specific assessment. The marketplace saves you hours going through stacks of applications, so skip to inviting the most promising candidates to a video interview.

Step 2: Hiring your chosen candidate

Once you have chosen a candidate you want to join your team, there are several steps you'll need to follow before they start.

The first step is to perform a background check on their identity, criminal record, and background. Screening can be more complex as you expand across different jurisdictions, as each country has its own laws and regulations.

You'll next need to set up a compliant employment contract, abiding by the labor laws of your new hires country. If you still need an entity in this country, you will also need to set one up, which can be costly and time-consuming.

With Remote Talent, we can handle all of this. We partner with background screening companies in each country we operate in, so rest assured that we'll conduct a thorough background check on each hire. When you hire on Remote Talent using our hiring compliance shield, we take care of all the legal, payroll, and tax compliance that comes with making a new hire.

Step 3: Onboarding your new hire

The onboarding process is similar whether you are hiring at home or abroad. You'll still need to train your new hire in the processes your business uses, however, experienced the new employee may be. However, there may be some additional logistical challenges when onboarding overseas workers. For example, you'll need to purchase or rent a computer and any other equipment the employee needs to perform their role.

Remote Talent helps with onboarding by ensuring your new employees have everything they need to do their work. In addition, we partner with local equipment providers to ensure your new hire has everything they need to work for your company.

Step 4: Managing your employee

Once your new employee starts with you, there are still ongoing challenges with having a distributed workforce. For example, ensuring their equipment is all working correctly, or their workspace is conducive to work.

Remote Talent can provide local expertise and our network of local partners to navigate any issue.


Remote Talent provides solutions to businesses' challenges when they hire internationally. We make it a more straightforward process than hiring internationally and a quicker and easier method than hiring domestically. Typically the hiring process takes two weeks with Remote Talent compared to the average of six weeks for domestic hires. We enable you to obtain the fantastic benefits of a distributed team while saving time to get back to what your business does best.

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