Clear and transparent pricing for every hire.

Pay per Employee

Ideal for businesses that already have an entity to hire abroad.

From $2,300

per month per employee
Talent Sourcing Includes:
  • Custom Talent Searches
  • Job Specific Assessments
  • Video Interviews
  • Background Checks
  • Employer of Record: Absorption of Employment Liability
  • Local HR & Legal Expertize

Common Questions

We already have a local entity. Can we hire someone on the marketplace ourselves?
Yes, of course! The employer of record service is designed for those who don't have a local entity to hire from. You'll only need to pay each new joiner's talent sourcing hiring fee.
We already have someone I want to hire compliantly. Can we use the Employer of Record Service?
You sure can! just book a call with us, and we will get your new employee signed up compliantly.
Do you offer discounts for bulk hiring?
We do offer discounts for companies hiring at volume. Contact us for more information.

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